Speak at a City Council meeting about an agenda item

COVID-19 update

Following updated guidance issued on December 4, 2020, and extended on January 7, 2021,  in-person participation for local government meetings  and public hearings  is not permitted under the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) Order on Gatherings and Events .

We recommend participating in meetings by sending comments to City Council online.

If you prefer to speak at the meeting, you may attend by phone. Request to speak below. We'll contact you with instructions on how to attend when we receive your request. 

Prepare to speak by phone

What you need to know

Requests usually open one week before a meeting once we post the agenda. Request early to speak earlier.

Meetings are publicly streamed and recorded.

  1. Types of meetings open to speakers
  2. Deadlines to request to speak
  3. Upcoming meetings taking requests
  4. Prepare to speak
  5. Track your turn to speak

Types of meetings open to speakers

Speak to City Council about agenda items at:

  1. Public hearings
  2. Council meetings
    • For staff reports, you'll present on the day of the meeting
    • For Council member motions, you'll present on Wednesday at the standing committee meeting
  3. Special Council meetings
    • Only for agenda items that allow speakers
  4. Standing committee meetings (City Finance and Services, Policy and Strategic Priorities)
    • For staff reports, you'll present on the day of the meeting

Deadlines to request to speak

Public hearings

  • Online: 5pm, day of the meeting
  • By telephone: 5:30pm and 6pm day of the meeting, call 604-829-4238
  • If you miss the deadline, attend the meeting electronically and follow the instructions for joining when additional speakers are called.

Council, Special Council, and Standing Committee meetings

  • Online: 8:30am, day of the meeting
  • By telephone: 8:30am, day of the meeting, call 604-829-4323
  • All requests must be received no later than one hour before the meeting is scheduled to begin.


Upcoming meetings taking requests

February 9, 2021 public hearing

You can sign up to speak about: 

  • Miscellaneous Amendments - Zoning and Development By-law and Sign By-law
  • Zoning and Development By-Law Amendments for Mass Timber Construction
  • Rezoning: 607-621 West 28th Avenue
  • CD-1 Rezoning: 728-796 Main Street

The deadline to request to speak to the above items is Tuesday, February 9, 2021, at 5 pm for online requests and from 5:30 pm to 6 pm for phone in requests by calling 604-829-4238.

Request to speak View the full agenda

February 9, 2021 Council meeting

You can speak about:??

  • R1. 2021 Street Cleaning Grants 
  • R2. License for Covered Electrical Cords for Electric Vehicle Charging – Climate Emergency 
  • R3. Federation of Canadian Municipalities Green Municipal Fund Loan Agreement
  • B3. Protecting Tenants from Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • B4. Daylighting Building Permit Wait Times
  • B5. UBCM Resolution: Updating BC’s Wrongful Death Law
  • B6. Local Elections – Review and Reform
  • B7. Understanding COVID-19 Recovery through Housing Construction
  • B8. Aligning the Cannabis License Fee Structure to Support Vancouver Businesses
  • B9. Childcare that Works: Extended Hour and Around-the-Clock Childcare for Working Families in Vancouver

??????????????Request to speak View the full agenda

February 11, 2021 public hearing

You can speak about:

1. CD-1 Rezoning: 1766 Frances Street

2. CD-1 Rezoning: 1015 East Hastings Street

3. CD-1 Rezoning: 3084 West 4th Avenue and 2010 Balaclava Street

The deadline to request to speak for the above items is Thursday, February 11, 2021 at 5pm for online requests and from 5:30pm to 6pm, for phone in requests by calling 604-829-4238. 

Request to speak View the full agenda


Prepare to speak

Know what to expect by watching our video. It's full of tips and rules to help you prepare.


Track your turn to speak

We assign you with a speaker number that shows your position to speak about an agenda item.

Numbers are assigned in the order we received requests to speak.

Track your turn and follow the meeting on the Twitter feed below.

Follow the meeting on Twitter

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